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Day #1 Facebook Live Challenge

Hello it’s Sue McVeigh VA and I am doing a challenge to publish on Facebook Live every day.

So it is frightening as anything and I normally just say what’s on top of my mind or you know have an idea but this is part of a challenge so I’m actually reading from a script so here we go.

I was a stay-at-home mum with three kids aged 15, 13 and 2 and my husband worked 60 to 70 hours per week. I’d always loved taking photos and was asked how much I would charge for taking photos at a friend’s party and my photography business was born.

Networking was a great way for me to get out of the house, being a social butterfly, so I got out and met people and started taking photos of business owners. I wanted to earn enough money to take the pressure off my husband and he would have the choice to reduce his hours. We had quite the mortgage so our aim was to pay it off as quickly as we could.

Two years in I was networking like crazy and becoming impatient that my business was not growing. I started comparing myself to others who are doing well, and that is never good. Never good when you’re a chronic over thinker, a perfectionist who has anxiety and depression.

I never felt like I needed to learn the technical side of photography as it came naturally to me. I now know that was my ego. That meant I was spending so much time and money on networking events and not enough time actually working my business. I was busy being busy, burnt out, I felt like giving up.

I kept seeing photos on Facebook with words on them. I asked around and heard of a few apps you could get on your phone to do this. Off to the app store I went. It was the first app that I saw and it was love at first sight. I loved it so much that every single photo I shared on Facebook had words on it. I spent hours and hours creating and tweaking and teaching myself how to use it. I even started taking screenshots of each step. So when one of the networking groups suggested I teach them to put words on their photos I had already built the class. Creating a few slides on my laptop of my screenshots and my workshops were born.

Along the way I heard about Canva, it was an app that you could also use on your laptop. But I loved my first app. With Canva you could duplicate your designs and not have to recreate from scratch. But I loved my first app. With Canva you can create posters and documents and logos and it remembered your brand colors and fonts. I went all in. Everything changed. I was able to create Facebook designs, copy them and change the words, copy them and change the photo. People started asking me to create designs for them. I loved doing this. I was in my element.

In November 2017 my husband was injured in an accident and unable to work for six months. By this stage I was no further in my photography business and had no choice. I needed to earn a regular income. I fell back on my admin skills and started working as a virtual assistant for one company. My networking contacts encouraged me to offer Canva designs as one of my services. I didn’t hesitate. What did I have to lose? I knew Canva inside and out and was constantly learning and adding to my toolkit and most importantly to my offerings. More clients asked me to create their designs and some were asking if I taught classes. I repurposed my workshop slides updating and adding Canva screenshots, even recording videos of how to create designs step by step.

I sold three online workshops! I loved hearing how useful they were. I didn’t know how to get the word out so I created a website. My VA business was nearly fully booked and I was always “getting around” to adding a link to the online workshop on the website. I was working with a client who taught me how to use landing pages and mailing lists to share her offerings. I told her that I needed to get the word out about my online workshop and she told me about funnels I could set up and automate to direct people to my workshops. So here I am doing this challenge and learning how I can teach more business owners how easy it is to create their own designs and spend more time in their businesses.

Thank You bye.

Family. Words. Design. People. Kindness. Love. Art. Admin. Business. Connection. Work Around. Outside The Box. Positivity. Mental Health. Real. Raw. Passionate.

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