Day #24 Facebook Live Challenge

Hi, it’s Sue McVeigh, VA, and it’s Day 24 of my Facebook Live Challenge. I was listening to some coaching calls in the challenge I’m doing and they’re talking about 30 days of publishing. That’s what they’ve encouraged us to do. And it’s 30 days… Well it’s a 30 day challenge, but it’s also 30 days because they say it takes 40 days to create a new habit, 20 days to break an old habit, 20 days to form new neural pathways. So by the time you get to 31, obviously it’s natural and it’s something that you keep doing. So that’s really handy to know.

I think because for me, the first 20 days, it’s probably like you’ve got that voice in your head that’s trying to talk you out of it. So it’s trying to tell you, “You don’t have to do it. Oh, you can do it tomorrow,” and all that. It’s just trying to push through that barrier. And because it is so uncomfortable in the early days, you really just think, “Oh, just don’t record anything today.” So that’s where I imagine that’s for me why that 20 days was a good milestone. So, 24.

Yeah, I thought of how many days for things or new habits. It’s something I started a month before I was 50. So in November last year I started doing a five-step skincare routine. So I thought it was about time that I look after my skin so that is 310 days I have been looking after my skin and it makes a difference and I feel good. And if I forget, or if I do it later in the day, something just seems to be missing. And it’s just such a ritual now. It’s basically a ritual I have created that in myself to go, “That makes me feel good.” And almost the aromatic aspect of the skincare, it just makes me feel good and feel fresh. So I thought, “There’s lots of things.”

Yeah, after this is over, I might try and start new habits. Who knows? But yeah, I just thought I would share that. So yeah, 40 days. It was 20 days to get rid of the old habits and 20 days to create new ones. So let’s do it. Let’s create some really positive change, positive habits. Thank you. Bye.

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