Day #36 Facebook Live Challenge

Photo Credit: Canva

Hi, it’s Sue McVeigh VA. It’s day 36 of my Facebook Live challenge.

Tonight, I want to talk about websites. Mine is a work in progress because I’m busy working on my clients’ work, so I’ll get to it. But I worked for a client in the last few days who needs to update her website. It’s probably maybe a few years old, five years since she’s refreshed it and given it an update. So, just things to look out for are: your contact details, have they changed? You need to update those. Your about information. If it’s time-based, like, “Married for 25 years,” or, “Married for 27,” update all that. Anything else you’ve been doing within your business, update that. New testimonials, which are always fantastic. Your contact details. If you add a map, if you’ve got an actual business. Because we’ve got to be prepared for when the floodgates open. So, yeah, lots of things.

Also, check that your links are working. If you have a link going from your Facebook or your Instagram to your website, just double-check that everything is linked and working together. Also, maybe just ask a friend or post in a Facebook group, and say, “Look, can somebody just go over my website, just double-check everything?” Contact forms. If you send a test contact form, make sure that it goes to the correct address and everything’s still all linked there. And then, while they’re having a look at your contact page, maybe put in a lead magnet, like a downloadable PDF or something that can add value to your clients or your audience, so that you can collect email addresses for a mailing list and they get a great resource too.

They’re just a couple of things to look out for on your website. And yeah, if you’re going to… In my client’s case, she has a website developer. So, rather than her telling me, and I’m telling him, I’ve created, of course, a presentation in Canva and screenshot the pages of her website that we need updated and clearly marked where we need things removed, replaced, Google Drive links to the new images, so that it’s very clear when he receives it, the website developer, that everything is very straightforward and comprehensive so that he can concentrate on just doing what he has to do and not going backwards and forwards, asking questions. Because sometimes, that takes a bit of time out of that process. So, yeah.

So, websites: make sure that everything’s working. And yeah, if you want to drop your own website in the comments here, feel free to because I will have a look over it and let you know. We can have a chat and see if I can help you out. Thank you again, and I will see you tomorrow. Bye.

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