Day #39 Facebook Live Challenge

Hi, it’s Sue McVeigh VA and it’s day 39 of my Facebook live challenge. Today I’m talking about social media scheduling and I use a few different platforms or few different methods to schedule mine and my clients’ social media posts, mainly on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook have a great inbuilt Creator Studio, which you can use to share to Instagram on a business page, and then to copy that to Facebook. So that’s very, very helpful.

The one I use for my own business is Later L-A-T-E-R and that is … I use the paid version, which is not very pricey, but after you start using it for a few weeks, it works out the best time for you to post on Instagram, which is really, really handy. So that’s why some days it’s not consistent, it’s not the same time you think, “Okay, I’m going to post every day at 7:00 AM,” which I used to do and it just depends on when your audience is interacting with your posts, when they’re scrolling through. It seems that every day is different and Saturdays is 6:30 AM, which I find amazing and always forget to post then, but yeah, it’s just really helpful to have an idea about when the best time is for your audience to be looking at your posts.

Also in Later, you upload your images and then just drag them across to the calendar and open it. You type in all your caption and your hashtags and then you schedule it for what day or time you need it and it just automatically does it. So, it takes that off my mind for the week and because I have scheduled all of mine and my clients’ Facebook, Instagram posts, I can concentrate on my other work that I have to do. So, I just love to talk about being organized, being planned, having it all set up so you’ve got the rest of your week.

So Later is the app that I use, which you can use on the phone and computer, or Facebook has a Creator Studio, which is in a business page. So happy scheduling and I will speak to you tomorrow. Thank you, bye.

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