Day #53 Facebook Live Challenge

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Hi, Sue McVeigh VA, and today is day 53 of my Facebook Live Challenge. And today or tonight, I was going to talk about family. So, our eldest is nearly 22. Our middle child is 19 and our little one is 8.

So, we make a point of having a meal together as often as we can, even if it’s a few nights out of the week, but today we had lunch and we had charcuterie. We had all lovely cold meats, salamis and cheese, dips, ciabatta bread, crackers, pickled onions, pickles, all sorts of yummy goodies.

And we sat around and had a laugh and had a chat around our big table and it was just lovely. That’s just my perfect day, is a family meal around the table. And I was just watching The Block and I haven’t gotten into it. It’s the first episode I’ve watched this season and they were saying tomorrow night that one of the couples is not putting a table in the dining room. I thought I’d be lost without ours. Ours is an eight-seater table. We’ve had it for probably 21 years. We thought we’d fill it up with kids, but that’s okay. We’ve got a couple of spare spots, but yeah, it’s our table and it’s worn and it’s marked, it’s got dents in it. It’s got marks from where I bathed the kids when they were babies. Put the bath on there. There’s paint stains from our crafting expeditions. There’s probably some glitter on there somewhere.

There’s lots of love and lots of laughter and lots of food and family time being shared around that table. So, I could not imagine our dining room without a table and I couldn’t imagine it without a family around it to share. So I just wanted to talk about family on a Sunday and I will speak to you tomorrow. Thank you. Bye.

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