Day #54 Facebook Live Challenge

Hi, it’s Sue McVeigh, VA, and today’s Day 54 of my Facebook Live Challenge. Mondays I have been sharing in my business Monday’s our accountability day. So it’s on my Facebook business page and my Instagram. It’s just going and sharing what you going to do for the week, so that you’re accountable. And mainly it’s for me to actually say, “This is what I’m doing,” and to check in with myself next week, but also to check in with anyone who wants to join in and say what they’re up to. Life gets in the way and things happen and you might not finish something, which I have been trying to finish some work for weeks, but at least you have put it out there that you’re going to do it. So you have to answer to somebody.

And I find that a lot of my clients say that it’s good just being accountable to someone, just to check in, and we may not work together one week, but they’ll say, can you give me a reminder on a Tuesday to check whatever they have to check? So it’s just having that someone else to remind you, and you know they’re going to remind you, so you think, “Oh, okay, I’ll do that, and then I’ll let them know.”

So yeah, accountability, Monday. So yeah, I’ve got a new client who I started working with today. And so that’s fun. So I’ve already been creating a couple of mock-up designs, which have been very well received, so that’s good. And yeah, so just put it out there and say what you want to do yourself this week, and then check in next week. So I will say goodbye and thank you. See you tomorrow.

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