Sue McVeigh VA

Oct 6, 2020

2 min read

Day #55 Facebook Live Challenge

Hi, it’s Sue McVeigh VA. And it’s day 55 of my Facebook Live Challenge. Tonight I want to talk about calendars and particularly businesses that have bookings calendars. So you’re taking appointments, or you’re filling in bookings in your calendar for your service. And as some businesses have been grounded since March, it’s a weird feeling to actually have inquiries again and be maybe penciling in a few bookings for December or late November. And that was how one of my clients asked me to block out days of their booking calendar. So from now until the end of November. And then I sort of kept going a little bit and blocked out a few days throughout December, January. And I actually typed, 2021. So 2021, and it just stopped me in my tracks. I thought, “It’s 87 days until the year 2021.”

And to think of this past year, and if you were to explain it to somebody who’d been on a distant planet somewhere, they would not believe you. It would just would not… There’s no science fiction, no fantasy, no comedy, thriller. That could be the movie for the year that is 2020. But it just made me think how getting back into the rhythm of having bookings and inquiries, and that excitement that’s building now. And to take advantage of that and to find the positivity and also just that, yeah. Excitement for people who want to book in for your services because they’re excited. So, yeah.

So just to embrace that you will be receiving inquiries about your bookings, especially service based businesses. And, yeah. And to look ahead for your own calendars and bookings systems to block out the dates when you’re not available. Because imagine waiting all this time and somebody books in on a day that you’re not planning to work anyway, but because you haven’t been keeping up your bookings calendar, you’ll find it… You’ll be alerted of their booking, and you’ll be maybe a bit surprised and have to change it anyway.

So just to keep a lookout for how your calendar is placed and what you have blocked out. And also just to ease into it and to maybe block out a couple of days that you’re not available. Because when the flood gates open, they’ll open. And we’ve been used to waiting. So hopefully, and I really do think people will be more patient and happier to wait. But if you do have what… They fit in with what time you have available, you’ve only got those certain days available.

So 87 days left of 2020. What can you do in your business to welcome more clients, to welcome new systems, procedures, to get ready for when everything’s open? So, yeah. Just, I thought 2021. We could look ahead. We can only look ahead because that’s where we’re going. So I wanted to share with you about bookings and have a good night. I’ll see you tomorrow. Thank you. Bye.