Sue McVeigh VA

Oct 7, 2020

2 min read

Day #56 Facebook Live Challenge

Hi, it’s Sue McVeigh VA. Today is my day 56 of Facebook Live. I have a haircut, look at this. Our girl has been cutting hair and she had a go at mine and my hair has a mind of its own, but she has done the most marvellous job. I feel so much better. Oh my God, it was so much hair. I am very grateful for her having a go and just makes me think of all the skills that she has learned herself during isolation. She’s been sewing and she’s been cooking and doing lots of different things while in isolation. Also, everyone, like we’ve all learned new skills this year and probably some that maybe we thought we’d never learn, or we didn’t have to, but we have out of necessity and out of filling up our time and preparing for down the track, what’s to come and just being adaptable and learning, and maybe not having the resources there to pay someone or to do a course, but to sit and keep watching YouTube or tutorials, how to’s, explainer videos and all that. You think of the wealth of knowledge on those platforms, you could Google it or you could go into YouTube and you search for whatever you’re working on. A PowerPoint presentation or a slide deck, or you’re looking to create, how do I do this with a Google doc or Google slides or anything that if you look, if you’re seeking that information, you’ll find it and you’ll be able to learn new skills. Yeah. Here’s to learning and having a go and just increasing your transferable skills list. Yeah. It’s been a very good night. Thank you. I will see you tomorrow. Bye.