Day #61 Facebook Live Challenge

Hi, it’s Sue McVeigh VA, and it’s day 61 of my Facebook Live challenge. Today, I have been pretty tired. I think I’ve been obviously working myself so hard, but just probably needing a quiet day. So that was sort of a bit off and on, but that’s okay, because I spent some time with my little one who is going back to school tomorrow after a few months or a couple of months at home, remote learning.

So I think it’s just that energy shift that we’re feeling. We’re all up in the air as to what we can do, where we can go, will the restrictions be relaxed? I think there’s just lots going on. I can feel that heaviness, and in my stomach, I sort of feel like I’ve got that just not quite right feeling. I think it’s all those emotions that are going on and just the feeling of the energy, picking up all the energy, and just trying to just get … Just pace myself and just put it out there and put out some positive energy and some love and gratitude and just go with the flow.

It’s been a long, long few months, and for our little ones, it’s been a long time, too. They’re happy to get back with their friends, but there’s still going to be maybe that hesitation that they’re safe, that they’re going to be okay. So, yeah. Just sending energy out tonight and just for us all just to take it easy, take it day by day, and I will see you tomorrow. Thank you. Bye.

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