Day #66 Facebook Live Challenge

Hi, it’s Sue McVeigh VA and today is Day 66 of my Facebook Live Challenge and I’m thinking about Christmas and it is 10 weeks. It was 10 weeks till Christmas yesterday, so think ahead to what your business, what you’re offering in your business for Christmas. What I’m offering is to save you time so you can get your other work done, so do you need to work out your Christmas card list? Do you need to do corporate gift packages? Do you need to do checklists for things that you need to get organised before Christmas, a countdown list, anything like that that, you may need help for designs for Christmas cards, for Christmas promos, some social media posts for Christmas promos, for your Facebook ads, what else would you need to prepare your business for Christmas? Plenty of time to order anything if you need it because delivery will be a bit slower this year of course. Have a think about what you need to organise for Christmas for your work and for your workers, your clients already. Start thinking about it because like I said 10 weeks to go and it will go quickly so yeah have a think about what you need to do for Christmas.

Thank you, bye.

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